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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mentors, Influences, and Encouragers

I have just gotten an email from and old friend who is interested in starting food storage for her family.  I sent her an invitation to join us at our Survival Kitchen.  She has been a dear friend for many years and I would like to see her and her family survive the hard times that are coming.  I thought seriously about how to help her get the most for her money and I sat down and went through my Mentors, Influences, and Encouragers.
Some of my favorite teachers on the net have been Wendy Dewitt, Tammy from Dehydrate2Store, and Crystal from EverydayFoodStorage.  When I get bogged down I go back and watch their you tube videos again.  I have posted their links under the links section of this blog. I also have found a few other people who I admire for their selfless giving by teaching prepping and survival on you tube as well.  Southernprepper1 and Usfreedom22 have both been wonderful teaching about survival training and prepping.  Engineer775 and Eastcoastpatriot both are interesting and informative also.  There are a lot of guys around there sites who also have good videos.  Pioneer Living is a good site as well as Homestead Acres.  You can learn so many different things from people out there.  You just have to look and find the people that will inspire you to do the things you need to do to prepare for the hard times that are coming.  I will be asking my friend to watch a lot of these videos and learn how to start smart and organize as she buys or cans or makes what she needs for her food storage and prepping for the future. We all should look for those that will give us the kick in the pants to get going and keep going to improve our chances of survival in the up and coming trials that we will all be facing. I have never made a youtube video and know it takes time and organization for those who do it to make informative and interesting videos.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful teaching.

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