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Friday, April 29, 2011

Food Storage Room!

Food Storage Room, sounds like a plan, a room dedicated to food storage and also big enough to keep most of my storage foods. This coming week the Lord willing my husband is taking a week of his vacation to turn an unfinished room in our home into my food storage room. It is off of the entry foyer but has a lockable door on it. It will be a dream come true for me. I have boxes of fruits, vegetables, and meats stacked in the walkway going from the front door to the kitchen. My pantry is full, my utility room is full, under the bed is full. I have food stashed everywhere. I can't do an inventory because I can't organize it so this will be a project for us to empty the room and build the shelving and then I can start with vegetables and organize them by type and date then go to fruits and meats and do the same. I will lastly do the packages and buckets. I will still have other areas stashed with food but I am hoping to keep maybe the buckets in the entry way closet then it will be near the food storage room. This will be like Christmas for me. A lot of work for me to organize and inventory but the final result will be a huge boulder off my shoulders. I must admit I have had a deep depression worrying about the mess and not having my house in order. I haven't been able to have guests over because of the mess. I would be devastated to have someone see my huge piles of food stacked all over the place. I do not advertise my food storage to my church friends because they all seem to feel we will be raptured before anything bad happens. Where they find that in the Bible is beyond me. Did he rapture the Christians before WWII? Did he rapture the Christians before the Black Plague? Or for that matter before anything bad that has happened since Jesus' death and resurection? I feel we don't have the magic pill to avoid bad times. Jesus taught us to be prepared and used many examples to teach the idea of being prepared for any problems. He also taught us to rely on God but not to forsake our own preparedness or being prepared to help others with charity. If your neighbor is starving because of a collapse will you be able to watch them suffer and die without offering at least the minimum to keep them going until times are better? Can we watch our extended family starve to death without helping? Not I! I have friends with much more money than I but with no more than a weeks worth of groceries in their pantries. When I have brought up the food storage idea to them they said it was a big waste of money, time, and space. That I should just believe that Jesus is returning soon to rapture us and I should just forget what all the people doing this stuff are saying. I guess they are in the know about exactly the chain of events coming in the future and they know exactly when Jesus will be back. It is really funny that I remember the Bible stating that no man knows the day or the hour of His return. I am sticking with the Bible and ignoring the know-it-all's. Some people will never be convinced of our need for preparedness.

My major thought is that we have been through a deep depression in the past when everyone lived in more rural settings and almost everyone had gardens and wells and septic systems. The way our times have changed we won't be able to survive in todays world without some preparation so I am trying to make sure that my family and neighbors will at least be able to have the bare bones to make it through. I also want to have the knowledge to make it through. My many notebooks full of how to's and information and my many books will be needing a place to live and be organized as well and that will be my next project after my food storage. Then my medical and first aid supplies and equipment will need a place to live and be organized also.

It seems it is never ending but the end result will be a comforting and secure feeling about our future. I pray that we will have the time to complete it all before the Collapse that is coming!

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  1. What a blessing that room will be! I find myself envious as I am stashing here and there myself!