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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Worried about when Collapse Day will Be?

Hi everyone! It sounds as if everyone is worried about when C-day or Collapse Day will be.  I didn't coin that term to make people worry.  Let me explain my philosophy of when it will happen.  "It doesn't matter when!" Only God knows when! Our only mandate is to start to prepare, continue to prepare and pray.  God said there would be signs and yes we see them all the time now, but he didn't say how long the signs would be before a collapse.  So he told us to always be prepared like the brides with the oil in their lamps.  Look times are getting tough, lots of people are just starting to get prepared, and that’s okay, because the newbie’s are way ahead of the sheeple with their heads in the sand.  You know the types the ones that say, "The Government will take care of us...” and the ones that say, “We have always been able to persevere through tough times my grandparents made it through the depression didn't they?” Well, those of us who believe in preparedness won't be the ones jumping from the 5th story of an office building like so many did when we had the financial collapse that started the depression.  They had always had money and jobs and depended on those things and loved those things.  They had no idea how to go on without them.  The whole point of preparedness is #1 Trust GOD!, #2 Trust ourselves, #3 to be as prepared Spiritually, Mentally, and then be as prepared Physically as possible. The physical part is what most people on preparedness sites look for but the other things are important as well.  You need to prepare spiritually in your own way, following your own beliefs, no matter what religion you are it is still up to you.  With so many different belief systems out there we can't dwell on that in these sites but it is still important. Now all the newbie’s that are out there just waking up.  You are tackling your mental preparedness by realizing that you need to prepare. Now your next step is to tackle the first step in your physical preparedness.  It is overwhelming isn't it! But I am only asking you to take the first step!  One step - just ONE STEP!  How do you eat an elephant?  ONE bite at a time!  Can you imagine how Noah felt when God told him to build this huge Ark? How did he start? He first questioned and doubted his own ability to do it. The next thing was to study the plans and figure out what he needed to build it.  He then went with his list to cut the wood and made his first swing of the axe to cut the first piece of wood.  That is what preparedness is all about.  Believe in your own ability that God says you have and then figure what you need and start getting it one thing at a time. If you have a computer and you are reading this you probably already have a shelter. Next start saving your juice bottles and 2 liter soda bottles and wash them out as you empty them.  Fill your free bottles with your tap water and add 4 drops of plain regular bleach per 2 liter bottle and store out of the light like in a closet. Next you do what is in the next article after this. I hope this will help those just starting on their journey into food storage.

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