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Friday, March 25, 2011

Great sites on the net!

I have been spending lots of time on my old favorite, Frugal Squirrel, they have lots of great information to glean but I have favorite Patriot fiction stories that I follow.  I have some favorite authors that have inspired me and led me along the way in my prepping.  Kathy in Florida, Paradox, and many others have fertile minds and great ideas for prepping and surviving various senarios that could happen in our future. There are many more interesting people on YouTube such as Southernprepper1, Homesteadacres, and Goathollow, NancyToday, and many others who have shared their prepping knowledge and their ideas for surviving or just sharing their interests, whether it is making soap, gardening or teaching security and defense topics.  I have learned what I don't know as well as learned what I want to delve into and try to fill those holes that I have in my preps. 

What many of us do at the beginning is to prep by buying things.  Food, hygiene items, grain mills, solar ovens, water treatment filters, etc.  I must admit those are what I have done.  I got the medicines, antibiotics, first aid items, books, and downloads.  Now I am concentrating on learning and doing. The doing is the hard part.  I have the wheat mill (Country Living) but have yet to try it out.  I have the solar oven and have not learned how to use it yet.  This summer is my "Doing School"..... I will be spending a week sometime in June living off the grid, making everything without electricity, grinding my own flour, making my bread by hand (meaning I won't use the bread machine), and will cook in the sun oven or a wood fire.  I used to cook on a wood fire quite often and was quite good at it.  I was in a reenactment group for the 1740 to 1840 period.  I am rusty now I am sure and will have to practice up on it again. 

How many of you are prepping with stuff and not the knowledge and practice of doing the things that will be necessary for after "Collapse Day"  which I call "C  Day".  We all know it is coming with our gov't being stuck in the spend, spend, spend mode.  We can't pay our debt off and the next 3 generations couldn't pay it off.  We will default when China, Japan and the oil producing countries stop buying our Treasury Bills to finance our debt.  Then we will be reduced to taking care of ourselves and trying to protect what we have worked so hard to accumulate in our preps.

Let's all think about what we need to learn and practice what we do learn before we need to do it to survive.  Most of us won't have a retreat to fall back on and we will have to survive the turmoil that will happen in the cities long enough to wait out the initial die/kill offs.  Then try to survive with gangs trying to overwhelm us.  Gardening will have to be done with armed guards watching for the gardeners safety. Maybe even doing gardening when it is raining or dark for cover. 

Let's see what we will have to learn that we haven't maybe thought about before.  Making cheese is one that I want to learn because I love cheese and would really miss it since I don't have access to milk producing animals.  I will learn to make the few cheeses that I can from dry milk.  What about making soap.  Even though we have a lot of soaps and cleaners in our preps we will eventually run out of them.  How about learning to treat wounds and illnesses with natural herbal remedies.  I still need to get some of the herbs and seeds for growing them, and learn how to utilize them.  What about learning to raise rabbits?  That is the only food animal that I can raise on my city lot.  I have thought about trying to quietly raise a few guinea hens but it is against the city laws where I live so I am a bit shy about trying.  I need to learn to shoot, clean, and load a gun.  I need to take a safety course and practice.

What do you need to learn and what do you need to practice?  What is it going to be like After the Stuff Hits the Fan? How many years until we have manufacturing again in our country? How many years until there is a viable monetary system again? How many years until we will be able to afford electricity again?  How many years until we can go to a grocery store and afford to buy a weeks groceries again?  Those are the things that will be happening and we will be having to deal with whether we have prepared to or not.....................Think about it!

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