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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Little House on the Prairie Recipes

I read a story today about someone who cooked like the 1940's for a year, so I thought I might steal their idea and try something similar. I am more interested in cooking like the 1870's though. I have a cookbook that is written about the Little House on the Prairie foods and recipes along with the stories about the recipes. I thought the movie Julie and Julia was very interesting and I don't see any reason I couldn't do the same with Laura Ingalls Wilders mother's recipes. I really loved the series and I read almost everything I could find about her family and Almonzo's family. That period of time is when my family was pioneering into Illinois and Iowa and later into Nevada and Montana. I have always thought that the country cooking that the Ingalls and Wilder's cooked would have been very similar to what my family would have cooked. The Ingalls ate a little more rustically than the Wilders did because the Wilders lived on a large successful farm and the Ingalls lived on a homestead that had to be proven just like Laura and Almonzo did later in the series. I know that my ancestors would have eaten on the rustic side because they were pioneers and moved west in wagons with little worldly possessions. So I will pull my cookbook out and start trying the recipes one at a time. I won't be cooking just those recipes but will be trying them added with some of my family's other favorites. I will tell you about the trials, failures and successes. I will keep the recipes in a notebook with notes on the successes to use during lean and scary times since they are simple recipes with few ingredients. I would love to hear about others testing of old and inherited recipes. Have a great day! Gram

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