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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Canning Season!!

This is definitely canning season for me. I decided to can as much beef and possible since the national news has been saying that beef would be going up 30 to 33% soon. I have been going to the commissary at the Air Force base near me and buying the mark down beef roasts, round roast mostly, and canning them. So far I have canned almost 50 lbs. in both quart and pint jars. I am having to take a little break because I need to go buy more canning jars today. So I will be going to Walmart and Big Lots and try to get the most economical jars. I have also canned about 20 lbs of ground beef. I need to can 20 more lbs of beef that I have and will be canning 30 more lbs of ground beef. When I can ground beef I do it the way the lady does on Homestead Acres. She breaks it up and boils it, then she removes it from the water and puts in the jars. Then adds de-fatted beef broth to the jars and pressure cans them. I have taken it a small step further and used the leftover broth and small amount of the ground beef to make beef/vegetable soup and then I can that as well. The recipe I use is one my family used as I was growing up. It is beef or ground beef, onion, garlic, canned tomatoes, mixed vegetables (I used my dehydrated mixed vegetables), boullion cubes, basil, thyme, bay leaf, salt and pepper. It is just a throw it together soup, seasoned to taste and is very delicious. I have always since childhood eaten mine with peanut butter bread on the side which I dip in the broth. My granddaughter screams yea everytime I tell her I am making it. Sometimes she begs me to make it, so having the canned soup allows me to fix it for her in minutes as opposed to the hour or two it would usually take. Our family doesn't mind commercially canned chicken noodle soup or dried Top Ramen once in awhile but homemade is preferred. I will be soon making more pear butter and pear sauce to can. That is a yearly tradition and this year I plan to try persimmon butter and persimmon ketchup. I have never had them so will be interested in how the turn out. I used to eat persimmon straight off my parents tree but my Mom did not can much so I never had the butters and ketchups that can be made from different fruits. I also want to learn to make chutney which I believe I could do from the pears this year. We lived in Scotland at one time for a couple of years and chutneys were very popular over there. The fall is arriving and the windows are open and AC is off. So the canning doesn't make the house uncomfortably hot anymore and I have the itch to keep canning. I am hoping to clean out my freezers and find everything that is good in cans and will try to make room for the venison that I hope to be storing soon. I will try canning a lot of that as well but that will come gradually over the winter. I do hope hubby gets at least one deer this year. I plan to help him butcher it ourselves this year. The butcher asks too much from us for his services and I want the whole dear in the freezer or my pantry so wish us luck!

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