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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Safety is an illusion!

Preparing for a disaster, catastrophe, or economic collapse,  whether personal, citywide, statewide, countrywide or worldwide is only common sense but many people just aren't noticing or taking seriously what has happened in our country and other countries when a natural disaster happens or a terrorist attack takes place. 

Prepping  is the answer to common sense preparedness for possible loss of a job or another hurricane Katrina.  The government even asks people to have 2 weeks supply of water, food, candles etc. on hand to get through a natural disaster.  The problem I see with their advice comes when you think about how long the people of New Orleans were without the necessities.  Or when the earthquakes hit Oakland, CA or when Mt. St. Helens erupted.  We cannot count on everything being back up and running with restocked grocery shelves in 2 weeks.  None of those situations were corrected in 2 weeks.  My belief is that we should live the way the Amish do and keep your pantries full and able to carry you through until the next harvest.  I also feel that we need to be ready to live without modern conveniences of any kind in case of a possible CME or EMP which is a very likely scenario into todays world.

CME, which is a Coronal Mass Ejection,  is more likely now than it every has been in modern society.
Our sun is in its most active stage than it has been in since the 1859 Carrington event.  This event burned up many telegraph wires, which were the only modern items of the period.  If that exact same event happened today I wonder how many electric plants would be burned out or put out of commission.  What about all the electronics of today.  Our internet, cell phones, computers, communication satellites, televisions, transportation system etc. would be inoperable until the new parts were manufactured and then replaced in the systems affected.  I can see our country being back to the 1900's way of life, except for the fact that we don't have the equipment and access to the wood cook stoves, coal heating, and horse and buggies that they had at that time.  When the telegraph wires were burned up in 1859 it didn't affect the average person because they could live temporarily without the Telegraph system.  It didn't affect their heating, lighting, or transportation.  Most foods were grown and sold locally and you rarely traveled more than 20 miles from your home.  Their businesses didn't depend on electronics or even electricity.  They had wells to get their water, they had a horse or horse and buggy or wagon for transportation and to get their crops to the local markets or train station.  The trains were coal or wood fired steam engine driven and ran on schedules to avoid accidents.  Let's look at today.

Today I have in my home 4 laptop computers and one desktop computer, I have 3 cell phones, satellite TV, city water, city sewerage, modern cars that have computers and electronic ignitions in them.  We have electric plants that produce electricity by burning coal that is mined hundreds of miles from the plants.  The hospitals, doctors offices, bank, fire departments, police departments and food delivery transportation are all dependent on communications and/or transportation that are electronic, electric and/or satellite dependent. 
I don't know about you but I get up in the morning and start my electric coffeemaker, use my electric/electronic microwave, I cook my eggs on my electric range and use my electric lights to see what I am doing.  My bathrooms have no windows so I need light in them to see to even brush my teeth.  If the water plant is down because they can't treat and pump the water then I have no water coming from the taps.  I have no water even if I have a well because the well pump is electric.  I may have sewerage until the lines back up and then there will be a huge mess in our house because they can't pump the sewerage to the treatment plant.  I can't get to work because my car won't start.

I can't even find out what happened because the communications systems are all electric/electronic and satellite dependent.  The grocery stores even if I live near one is closed because they have no lights or refrigeration.  If they do open the food will be gone from the shelves completely in hours not days.  They will only except cash because the banks systems are all down and their registers are electronic as well.  I can't call my children to see if they are okay because we have no way to do it any longer.  If you are caught away from home you will have to walk home.  If you are more than 10 miles from home it may be a major undertaking to get back home and if you don't have water, good shoes and some food and appropriate clothing etc. with you then you will be in serious trouble.  Your refrigerator and freezer no longer work and everything is on a fast track to spoilage.  What can you do?  Wait for FEMA or the Government to come help you?  Do you know how many millions of people are in the U.S.?  You will be waiting years for their help and believe me you won't survive that long..........

I for one believe we need to be prepared to help ourselves.  Have a plan and then work your plan!  Let's look at what you can do now to prepare for a failure of our systems for what ever reason they happen....

1.  Have a month's worth of water for your family if at all possible. Also a way of treating water and filtering it.
2.  Have a minimum of 3 months worth of food. (It would be much better to have 1 years worth of    food though).

3.  Have a method and equipment and fuel to cook and to heat your home.

4.  Have medical supplies because hospitals and transportation to them will be shut down.

5.  Have a way to secure your home and provide security for your family.

6.  Have warm clothing and good shoes for walking and working in a garden.

7.  Know your neighbors and try to organize a way to help one another.

8.  Have garden seeds and equipment to garden and then know how to do it.

9.  Have equipment and tools to provide for your family without the use of electricity. (Such as hand operated can openers and ways to light candles or fires.)

10.  Have your spiritual life in order to help get you through the trying and difficult times.

There could be plenty of other things that would cause you to need and use most of the above list.  Loss of a job, a terrorist attack, a nuclear accident (look at what happened in Japan), a category 5 hurricane (Katrina), or a severe rash of tornadoes (Joplin, MO), or a war.  Look what happened even to the U.S.  during WWII with rationing and severe lack of many items.  We only had Hawaii attacked but it affected the whole country because we had to provide for our troops.  Lastly look at what happened in the 30's with the Great Depression and the collapse of our economy. 
Millions of people are affected and a large proportion of them are in danger of dying or being killed.  Our country and its people are spoiled rotten and will be at a total loss of what to do.  We need to prepare ourselves, our families, and spread the information to our neighbors and friends.  That doesn't mean we will have to help everyone but it does mean we have the responsibility to inform those we know of what could happen and how important it is for them to take responsibility for their own safety and sustenance.  Many articles on my blog and many others as well as youtube are great for information and instruction on what to do and how to do it.  Please take this seriously and do whatever you can afford to do to protect your family with preparedness food, water and supplies.

I pray none of the above ever happens and that we will dodge the bullet so to speak, but with our society so vulnerable to so many things that could happen, I for one want to do all I can to prepare for my family's survival.    God helps those that help themselves.....

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