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Friday, February 6, 2015

Hi Folks!

It has been a long time since I have written a post for my blog.  Today won't be a long one but I thought it would be good to check in. 

I have stayed busy with my granddaughter and husband.  We have been involved with our church, we take our granddaughters to church with us every Sunday and Wednesday.  We love the people at Church and they are a lot like extended family.

We have been fighting our 15 yr. old's mother for permanent full time custody.  Yesterday we went to
court and finally after about 7 court hearing we have been granted the custody of her.  Yeah! I am thrilled about that.  The reason we had lost it temporarily was that our granddaughter wanted to try living with her Mom since she never had.  She found out that she wasn't happy there and wanted to come back home.  Which she did but the court only gave us temp. custody until some other matters were taken care of.  We home school her and the courts don't like home schooling so we now have to look into getting an online correspondence course for her.  It seems as though the money keeps flying out the door for the stupid people in the court and her Mom's lawyer trying to make it cost us as much as possible.  I am stressed and of course that is exactly what her Mom wants because she is jealous that her daughter is happier with us.  She caused all of the trouble by her own actions and her psychiatrist telling her that he would not allow her to raise her girls.  She came and asked me to raise the girls and I did.  I raised the 15 yr. olds' 2 big sisters and they turned out beautifully.  Now you can
see why I have been busy. 

I have been thinking of making some video's on how to cook my chain meals.  I don't know if anyone would be interested in seeing them.  I have so few followers so I don't know whether to bother with it.  If you are interested then please leave a comment.

We bought land in Tennessee, 12 acres on the side of a mountain.  This spring when we go back up to do some work on the tiny cabin my husband and son built then I would like to make videos there as well.  Showing how we plan to set up housekeeping there.  It will be minimal and super simple.  I hope it will work out.  We will use it for vacations until all of our bills are paid off and then we will
retire and move up there permanently and then we will build something more substantial but still small.

I want to move in the worst way to get away from the stress of living here in an unsafe area.  We have had thousands of dollars worth of stuff stolen from our garage and sheds and yard.  I am really fed up.  We have a 6 foot privacy fence and locked gates and doors and they just jump over and break the locks and steel to their hearts content.  I do not wish them well.  I hope that karma catches up with them soon and they pay for their misdeeds.

Well, I will stop for today.  I hope you will let me know about the videos. 

May God bless you all and may you have a wonderful year!


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