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Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Few You Tube Suggestions!

I have spent some time on You Tube lately checking out videos about survival in the wild and how to make cooking fires and outdoor rustic kitchens.  I found several that interested me.  I saw a couple of vids about Swedish Torches which I know I must of seen before but it was a good way to cook on wet ground and to cook directly on the log.  Here is a link to that video.

Next was a Chippewa Kitchen, which I think is ingenious.  It is a great way to cook without leaning over to your cooking fire constantly.  A lot better on the back as well as being a little less temporary in use.  If you plan to live in a hunting cabin or yurt or in another style of semi permanent structure at a retreat then this would be a wonderful outdoor kitchen.  Of course you would still need a rustic table and wash up pans to make it complete.   I also would like to use a cooler to keep foods either by a spring house, a rocked dammed area for keeping jars of food, or a root cellar to keep food cool.
The Chippewa Kitchen video is here.
I also watched many videos on chuck boxes or portable camp kitchens.  Many of them were ingenious but the only drawback was their weight.  Then I found this plastic chuck box:
Now I like the looks much better of the wood boxes and if it could be left at a retreat I would prefer the wood boxes.  But if I had to bug out without a retreat in mind I think the plastic box would be more handy for myself.  Since I could lift it by myself and the box is waterproof as well. 
I then watched a video  about a homemade portable cooking kit.  I thought it was quite ingenious and thought I would share it with you.  We would have to adapt the pieces of the kit to things we could find in our country but I think I will be looking for items that will nest like this kit to do the things this kit will do.  You can find this video here.
I  watched many more videos that were fascinating such as building hobo stoves which I have made one myself but there are many kinds.  The one I made was built to fit a buddy burner so it could be used indoors during inclement weather.  I love it and have shared it with my granddaughters Girl Scout Troop.
There are several so I won't give you a link but just type in hobo stove into youtube and it will come up with several.
Making homemade rocket stoves are great also.  They can be made out of just about any metal can or metal canister including old propane tanks and Freon tanks.  They are super effecient on cooking with minimum fuel and can burn almost any cardboard, paper, sticks, straw, or discarded wood from construction sites.  The only things you should not burn are pressure treated wood or poisonous bushes like Oleander or poison oak, ivy or sumac.
All of these cooking methods can be used at home or at a retreat.  It will give you an easier time of it rather than cooking on a campfire on the ground all the time.  Some of these can be used indoors such as alcohol stoves and hobo stove with buddy burners or Sterno. If you are in a situation where you have little wood then look into many of the other options available today such as propane, kerosene stoves, solar ovens, alcohol, and buddy burners.  I know when the power goes out for any length of time having a stock of buddy burners at my house keeps me cooking as well as my solar oven.  We also have propane stored but I only use it for the grill or pressure canning without power.
Check out all of the wonderful videos so many great people have put out there and subscribe to the ones that grab your interest.  I am subscribed to many sites that teach me to make and do things that we will need to do after shtf.  I am a fan of people who not only teach how to do the things I have already talked about but those who teach on to make homemade laundry detergent, fabric softener, dish detergent, shampoo, body washes, soap, and deodorants.  I also watch the how to's on cooking such as making cheese, bread, food storage dishes, and wild game.  I also watch and suggest many sites on my side bar next to these posts such as dehydrating, canning,   Check those links out!  I think you can learn a lot.  I am on the same journey that all those that read my blog are on.  I just want to preserve my family's health and lives.  The one thing that I don't discuss on my blog is guns, ammo, and deadly force.  That doesn't mean that I don't believe in protecting my granddaughters and myself but it does mean that others do a much better job at sharing that information than I can.  We will be hardening our home against invasion more and more as time goes by and maybe I can share a little on security with my friends and readers.  Everyone should harden their home against home invasion if at all possible but not everyone believes in having deadly force weapons and that is the choice every person facing our future will have to make.  My feeling is if you don't believe in guns at all then you should take self defense martial arts courses and have a few non lethal defensive capabilities available to you.  How about a few bats placed strategically around the house, pepper spray, or a zapper?  We will discuss all of these things when I write an article about security. 
Happy Easter to all!  Thank you for reading and please follow my blog and make comments.

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